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The vision of my work is to build long-term business relationships with clients based on reciprocity, trust, and the highest standards of professional ethics, and with a feeling for fellow human beings. With continuous education and training in law, upgrading these skills with skills of communication and peaceful resolution of disputes, and familiarization with new technologies and the needs of both society and economy, I strive for excellence in legal practice and professional relationships, while maintaining a sense of fellow man.  

I am also a university lecturer in labor law and a consultant to companies and public institutions (mainly schools) in labor and commercial law, business compliance, and personal data protection. 

I actively advocate for respecting and protecting human rights, especially children's rights.

In the field of family law, which is a particularly sensitive area for clients, I advocate for quick resolution of disputes and offer mediation, support, and trust. I also bring a passion for ecology and environmental protection to my profession. 

In a global world that is rapidly developing and changing, I am aware of the need and importance of connecting knowledge and experience.

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